Clients and Partners

Our goal is to make our clients successful by meeting their business needs and providing them with high-quality consulting services. Our clients are Federal, state, commercial, and non-profit organizations with diverse missions and organizational cultures. Examples of our clients include:

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Federal deposit insurance corporation (FDIC)

B&M is providing program strengthening and consulting support to the FDIC through a systematic review and overhaul of internal controls, security services and procedures. B&M has been asked to develop recommendations and strategies to strengthen IT program structures, policies, procedures, methodologies, and capabilities in alignment with Federal requirements, as well as leading industry practices. B&M is also providing compliance program support that includes assistance with GAO/DHS/OMB data calls and reporting; audit liaison response support; and briefing development.

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

B&M provided IT and internal control assessment and management consulting support to the MCC Department of Administration and Finance. Specific areas of support include IT and Process Internal Control Assessment and Reporting, as well as Program/Process Improvement.


U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

B&M supported USAID in planning for and conducting annual assessments of key IT security controls related to the Agency’s financial systems and processes. In this role, B&M provided IT subject matter expertise and guidance to USAID staff, and led and conducted annual assessments of key IT security controls for USAID’s network infrastructure and financial management systems, applications, interfaces, and external information system service providers. Assessment work was performed within the United States and overseas locations.


U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury), Office of the comptroller of the currency (occ)

B&M has led or supported a number of IT security and IT consulting services for the OCC. Our support to OCC has included ISCM strategy and transition plan development and implementation support; independent IT security and privacy assessment; OIG and internal audit liaison support; corrective action planning and validation support; CDM tool implementation and oversight support; IT policy and procedure review and optimization analyses; security documentation development and management support; and ongoing programmatic support to the Cyber Security Office.


Other clients include:

Our partners include: